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To Monza, Grand Prix, MS50, VZ50, Dakota og Maxi 2 gear
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OEM 360.

Mounting a flywheel can be a challenge when you come across a combination of unfortunate circumstances.
A lot of not original parts has been made over time. Therefore, variation in certain dimension occurs, even the most experienced can mount a flywheel incorrectly.

- to guide a flywheel in place may be too low, or the groove in the crank may be too deep. The result may in some cases be that the split does not stick up very much. It can be very unfortunate when tighten the flywheel.

in nut or crank can be more or less defective. You see very often damage threads on old cranks, the result is that the nut turns very tight. The tighter the nut goes, the more the force must be used not tighten it.

when tighten the flywheel one must hold counter by blocking the rotation of the flywheel, hence the woodruff key have to withstand the extra torque. If the woodruff key does not stick up very much, the result can easily be that the crankshaft cannot be held by the spilt and begins to rotate. Quite simply because the contact point between the flywheel and the crankshaft is too weak.

A. refresh the threads on  the flywheel shaft if needed and purchase a new nut.
B. If the groove is too deep, use a piston stop instead during mounting
C. Use a higher woodruff key. Puchparts are now trying to make a woodruff key that is 0.4mm higher that can be used in an emergency.
D. Avoid using too use much force when tighten the flywheel.