49.00 - DKK

EA-264 is a water-emulsifiable cleaning fluid specially formulated for demanding degreasing tasks on all types of metal surfaces. For cleaning all items that can withstand short-term exposure to petroleum. Dissolves grease, oil and dirt 5-10 minutes after application. Then rinse with cold or hot water. Used for cleaning of excavations, machines, tools, motors, tiles, cement floors, and for degreasing items to be painted, galvanized, phosphated, enamelled or the like. For particularly polluting tasks or on porous surfaces, it is recommended to scrub the items with a brush or repeat the treatment. Where water is not desirable, the item can be wiped with clean cloths. Properties: • dissolves grease and oil • does not damage paint, rubber, plastic etc. • is washed or rinsed with water (sea water can be used) • requires only a minimum of mechanical working • fast acting • leaves a grease-free surface • self-cleaning • does not leave