Anturust Spray

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Spray with KEMA AR326 and you must not agian worry about whether the next rain shower gets your chrome to rust
Kema AR326 is closing the small holes there always be in chrome plating. and it thereby and prevent water from penetrating.

A MUST nowadays because chrome is rarely like the old days

  1.      Against rust, verdigris and oxidation
  2.      Protects and lubricates
  3.      Added molybdenum disulfide (MoS2)
  4.      Penetrating properties
  5.      Non-corroding
  6.      Acid-free
  7.      Can be used on wet
  8.      Protects threads from corrosion during storage
  9.      Miscible with normal lubricating oils
  10.      Oil Hinde must not be removed before the start of the protection of motors
  11.      Can be used for weapons and precision engineering